Majnu Telugu Movie Review Actor Nani who is making back to back hits in telugu industry is now back with a clean entertainer MAJNU as his third movie this year. This movie is directed by Uyyala Jampala director Virinchi Varma, female leads are Priya Shri and Anu Emanuel. Gopi Sundar composed excelled movie for this film which already grabbed so much attention and response from telugu crowd, Trailer, Teaser and Posters were added publicity to this movie. Majnu movie Hit the screens on Friday under Anandi movies and Keva Arts. Let us wait for Nan’s dream run of Hit movie list with MAJNU.

Here is the Story:

Aditya (Nani) is from a native of Bheemavaram, works as an assistant director under SS Rajamouli. He meets Suma (Priya Shri), working as IT SAP consultant. Suma starts falling in love with Aditya as he is friendly nature and also flirting is another criteria. Aditya always tell her about her girl friend Kiran (Anu Emanuel) from his home town. Aditya continues to tell Suma how his love story was a failure and how wasn’t ablive to keep it alive. Suma further impressed by his frankness even though Aditya’s attempt to discourage her and tell her that he is still in love with Kiran. After few scenes Kiran enters in to Aditya’s life again and here comes the twist. So Why did Kiran enter in to Aditya’s life again? What did Aditya do with both relationships? how did he manage two women walking in to his life again? Is there any answer to this triangular love story? Lets watch it in theaters.


Majnu is not a new concept with creative script , but it ingathering to the audience. The luminousness hearted scenes, visually appealing frames from the theatre conductor Virinchi Varma, a classy touch to the overall treatment work in favor of the motion-picture show . The manager shuffling sure that the audience are engaged and entertained all through the film , making it a pleasant watch.

The vital prospect of this motion-picture show the Aditya -Kiran love-story in Bheemavaram. The director has established the sensibilities of two lovers in perfection. His portrayal of their histrionics is very natural and excellent. A couple of scenes that standout are the auto ricksha scene with Chiranjeevi’s Malli Malli idi Raani Roju performing in the background and the birthday scene with Aditya and Kiran in her bedroom . Nothing new or nutcase on the Aditya-Suma flirt episodes, but they are commodity enough to be liked. The director has taken excellent care with Song and they portmanteau beautifully into the story and are well received.

The first four songs were take place in the first 45 minutes of the movie and yet acceptable due the soothing music and good lyric . Music director Gopi Sundar should be applauded for his expertize here. On the otherside, the rationale behind Kiran’s change of mind (twice) is not explained well. The initial half of the movie contains some feel good consequence , while the second hand is dealt with more funniness instead of progressing as an emotional story. Highlighting the emotion could have made this movie memorable. Vennela Kishore’s comical character in the second half turned out good. Very good photography and editing by Gnansekhar and Pravin Pudi. Good production from Gemini Kiran’s Anandi Arts and Keva Movies.

MAJNU Telugu Movie Cast & Crew

Starring : Nani, Priya Shri and Anu Emanuel

Written and Directed by: Virinchi Varma

Produced by: Geetha Golla, P. Kiran

Music by : Gopi Sunder

Release Date : September 23 2016

Cinematography by : Gnanasekhar


  • Nani’s Performance
  • Story Line with Classy Touch
  • Songs
  • Climax
  • Debt Heroine’s performances


  • Predictable Second Half
  • Pre Climax Scenes
  • Kiran’s reason to change his mind

Over all clear and good movie and HRTribune rating is 3.0/5.0


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