Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday addressed the leaders of African nations at the Indo-African summit in the national capital.

Third_India-Africa_Forum_Summit_LogoHere are some key Not wrothy High lights from Modi’s Speech

  • It is not just a meeting of India & Africa. Today, the dreams of one-third of humanity have come together under one roof
  • To our visitors from the land where history began, humanity grew and new hope rises; From the deserts of the north, where the glory of human civilization shines through the shifting sands of time; From the south, where the conscience of our age has been forged – from Mahatma Gandhi to Albert Luthuli to Nelson Mandela;
  • Africa is now joining global mainstream of innovation.
  • African initiatives are replacing old fault lines with new bridges of regional economic integration.
  • Our histories have intersected since ages. Once united by geography, we are now linked by the Indian Ocean. The currents of the mighty ocean have nurtured the ties of kinship, commerce, and culture through centuries.
  • African initiatives are replacing old fault lines with new bridges of regional economic integration.
  • We have formed a partnership of prosperity among ourselves.
  • In the last three years alone, nearly 25,000 young Africans have been trained and educated in India. They are the 25,000 new links between us.
  • India has committed 7.4 billion dollars in concessional credit and 1.2 billion dollars in grant since the first India-Africa Summit in 2008. It is creating 100 capacity building institutions, and developing infrastructure, public transport, clean energy, irrigation, agriculture and manufacturing capacity across Africa.
  • Generations of Indians and Africans have travelled to each other’s land in search of their destiny or by the force of circumstances. Either way, we have enriched each other and strengthened our ties.
  • India and Africa must speak in one voice for reforms of the United Nations, including its Security Council.
  • Excellencies, Africa is already on that path. We are all familiar with Africa’s ancient achievements. Now, its modern strides are catching the attention of the world.
  • India is honored to be a development partner for Africa. It is a partnership beyond strategic concerns and economic benefits. It is formed from the emotional bonds we share and the solidarity we feel for each other.
  • The fabric of this world is richer because of the 54 sovereign flags of Africa. Today, their brilliant colours have made Delhi the most special place in the world.