Maggi noodles will be back on shelves by the end of November :

After checking Maggi for free from all hurdles by three laboratories,Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal today ie on 4th Nonember said the Maggi episode did not leave “very positive taste in anybody’s mouth” and industry shoyld never be “harassed” in the name of quality.
Maggi will be back this november
“While the industry is given a free hand to blossom and grow there has to be regular checks and transparent systems in place which they have to adhere to. If anybody is not adhering to it, they must be taken to task,” Badal said while speaking at the World Economic Forum summit.

When a question came about if Maggi issue by the court would boost industry sentiment, Badal said, “Well this entire episode did not leave a very positive taste in any body’s mouth to put it literally.”

“While people should be assured of the packaged food that they are eating is healthy, good for them, and there is nothing which is going to harm them. At the same time, the industry should not be harassed because (food) processing needs to be encouraged,” she said.

“Whether we look at how it has impacted how the world looks at our country or how it impacts the industry…I am very clear that there can’t be any compromise with the health and safety standards of the food that is consumed by our people. That is of paramount importance, both needs to be balanced out,” Badal concluded.

Earlier in the day, NestleBSE 0.21 % announced starting sale of Maggi this month as government approved labs have found the newly manufactured samples of instant noodles Maggi safe.

Maggi will be released in Punjab, Goa, Karnataka with your beloved flavors added to Maggi Noodles.

Nestle India said today that it has already conducted over 3,500 tests representing over 200 million packs in both national and international accredited laboratories and all reports are so clear.

Good News : Nestle told its distributors that they can expect shipments of their favourite Maggi noodles as early as November 10th. Rajesh Kundra, a distributor in Amritsar in Punjab said on Monday.