Hyderabad police are now role model to entire nation on this natural disaster situation in Hyderabad. All Department police were involved in disaster recovery service for past week and helped every individual in Hyderabad to have safe drive to home.

Under the guidance of Telangana CM KCR and Minister KTR, Hyderabad was guided in a right path and police support to this event was one of the rare situation happened ever before.

Civil, traffic, crime, cyber crime everyone came together to help people for last one week. Traffic police worked 24/7 to help people reach home safely and if any incidents are found, immediate action was taken by respective departments along with police.


Few Highlights:

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Due to last 15 days rain many areas were submerged in water and many roads were destroyed. Police officers worked hard with GHMC to clear roads with out any traffic issues and destroyed roads were repaired in many places, traffic is diverted immediately without any inconvenience. Police officials also distributed food and water to many people who were unable to come out of the houses and milk is provided to infant mothers.

All Hyderabad people are greatly appreciating Police officials and taking them as role models to serve people when they are in need. Police officials worked through the week without worrying about weather conditions, their health, danger and their safety. The only thing in Police mind to help everyone and help Hyderabad.

Kudos to all Police officials and Individuals who are all part of this great rescue operation in hyderabad during 30 cm rainfall over night.

Police is working with GHMC to demolish illegal constructions all across Hyderabad to avoid situations like this in the future.