Seniorworld Easyfone : denounced easyfone, a smartphone privately designed for comparison adults during Rs 3,375. It facilities a vast shade and vast font, vast dialling keys and cradle charger.Consumer electronics player and TV Video Game maker, Mitashi is set to release a smartphone in India that is meant for Senior citizens –The Mitashi PLAY Senior Friend.

Seniorworld Easyfone
Seniorworld Easyfone

Seniorworld Easyfone: Now, A Smartphone Specifically Designed For Senior Citizens Launched At Rs 3,375

The smartphone caters to the needs of the senior generation like large font dialer, large font for storing contacts and reading messages, FM radio, SOS button for emergencies, color coded icons for seniors who cant read or write, dual sim and dual camera. “We don’t change the external appearance of the device, the plastic, because today’s senior citizen is still looking for appeal,” says Kupervas. “We add an interface that simplifies access to every application and organizes things”.

Easyfone comes with Photo-dial, that allows users to dial contacts by a singular pivotal press. It also has a SOS symbol during a back. Pressing a SOS symbol sets off a sequence of 4 programmed actions including calls and SMS to 5 puncture contacts with vicious sum including location, battery strength and hit sum of a users doctors. “We come from a place of making technology accessible to people who are not tech-savvy,” says CEO Amir Kupervas. Many people have advanced phones but don’t exploit their capabilities: “We found such a segment, for example, in women aged 45-55.

Seniorworld Easyfone: Now, A Phone For Senior Citizens Launched At Rs 3,375

Research also indicated that current generation smartphone users were guilt conscious while using a high priced smartphone for themselves because their parents and grandparents at home were still active on a low priced feature or bar phone. Thus we thought of addressing the need of a smartphone exclusively made keeping their needs in mind. Several other facilities offering by a smartphone includes Whitelist option, that boundary incoming calls usually from a white listed numbers. Whitelist is a customizable menu that helps censor new features. The association will alos yield home pick-up and smoothness use for repairs.

A detailed market research done by us suggested that the senior generation, while being largely technophobic is also looking at their grand kids engaging actively on android platform and definitely want to get into the bandwagon – all they need is a little push! India has 5% of its population over the age of 65 and this in itself presents a big potential market.