Inner politics in TRS is growing every day and the quarrels are attaining alarming propositions. Political analysts predicted the identical with Telangana CM KCR endorsed defections from other parties into his  party through operation akarsh. Now that each one pinnacle leaders from all parties entered TRS warfare for energy and superiority is growing with each passing day. local leaders from all districts in TRS are indulging in power politics and now the war between MLC Konda Muralidhara Rao and metropolis Mayor Nannapuneni Narender is shocking absolutely everyone.
No one is able to manipulate them and cadre is getting suffocated inside the faction conflict among them. Corporators are becoming sandwiched among the fight between MLC Konda Muralidhara Rao and city Mayor Nannapuneni Narender and many in private confess that the moment leader of one department input into other divison, fist fight starts offevolved with stunning abuses and obscene words hurled unabatedly.

The leaked audio clip which confirmed stunning abuses among the husband of a minority chief and Konda Murali. some media even revealed the complete episode. Konda organization however alleged that the audio became a conspiracy and voice turned into morphed in overseas to tarnish their photograph. They allege that Kadiyam Srihari, Errabelli Dayakara Rao hatched conspiray against them in america. Here is the obscene abuses inside the audio clip. Konda Murali: ‘Sachipothava, Amanukuntunnav’. assembly Lu Petti Evarni Pilusthunnav..Em..Ra..Koduka..Sigguleda..Karimabad Lo assembly Petti Evarini Pilichinavu Ra..Em Ra..Koduka..record Chesukuntunnavara..Ne report Lu..Koduka..Emaina Chesuko. Ne..Vaditho Thannistha..Samputha..Emanukuntunnavo Na Koduka..Nenu Neeku Corporator price ticket Ichina..Nee Kevvaru Istharu Ra? Kruthagnatha Leni..Koduka!’. victim: ‘Ledanna..Nenu Ne Manishini..Ne Daggara Unnolle Ninnu Mosamchestunnaru..Thappudu Matalu Chebutunnaru Na Medha. Nenu Alantonni Kadanna..Enduku Itla Matladuthunnav’.