Aravinda de Silva talking on Cricket Scandals :

Srinagar : All forms of cricket in the range of International cricket has been through a real crisis in the past few years by involving in corruption scandals which resulted in bad name for the game temporarily which has to be recovered.Former Captain of Sri Lanka, Aravinda de Silva on Monday said to the repoerters that sport is far greater than all the controversies put together.

Aravinda De Silva on cricket scandals

“Well, I am not aware of much news about cricket (but) I hear about those things every now and then, but I think cricket is a far greater game than all that. I am sure it will get through all that and I hope the administrators get back together and put things right for the sake of the game,” de Silva told reporters.

The spectre of match-fixing, spot-fixing and betting has time and again reared its head to malign the game in the past few years.

De Silva, however, asserted that the game unites people and despite the controversies, it will ultimately emerge as the winner.

“I think it is a game which brings unity among people and it is something which brings cultures together, especially the IPL where I see a lot of overseas cricketers take part and mixture of cultures helps everyone. I am sure cricket will be ultimately the winner,” he said.

The former all-rounder, who was instrumental in Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup win, also batted for resumption of cricketing ties between India and Pakistan.

“I feel people should forget about all the other issues and sports should be given more priority and it should win the hearts of the people,” he said.

Aravinda de Silva on Virender Sehwag’s Fare-well :

Responding to a question about Indian batsman Virender Sehwag not being given a farewell match, Silva said the cricket boards should support those players who had contributed to the game.

“Well, that is up to the cricket boards really, I cannot comment very much on that because I have no idea. (But) I guess that some people who have contributed so much, I think they should be appreciated by any cricket board,” he said.

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